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Making Critical Water Resource Decisions with Complete Confidence

The public relies on government agencies to provide early flood warnings and water restriction alerts.

Trust Xylem as your source for providing accurate and reliable data to make these critical water resource decisions with confidence — at the local and national levels.

​With our acquisition of YSI — a leading developer and manufacturer of sensors, instruments, software and data-collection platforms for environmental water quality monitoring and testing — you can count on Xylem to provide high-quality products that perform well under extreme conditions.

Our water quality sensors, along with our highly accurate velocity and flow devices, give government agencies and officials a complete picture of both the quality and quantity of water resources. Some of the products, systems and services that we market for government agencies include:

  • Stream gauging
  • Flood monitoring
  • Water resource planning
  • Beach monitoring
  • Source water protection
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Water quality impacts of floods, hurricanes, fires, etc.
  • Analysis of toxic spills for ground and surface water
  • Monitoring the impact of dredging operations
  • Alerting local officials of toxic algae blooms in recreational waters  
  • Port and harbor navigations
  • Assessing the impact of climate change
  • Real-time monitoring of ecosystem restoration projects
  • Protecting fragile aquatic species 
  • Storm water monitoring
  • Velocity and flow devices including:
    • Water quality sampling and monitoring instrumentation
    • Velocity, radar and flow devices to measure water level and movement
    • Real-time telemetry systems, including cellular and satellite communications

Government Agencies Case Studies

Keeping Beijing from Going Underwater

After a massive flood overwhelmed Beijing’s storm water system, the capital city has begun installing Xylem’s submersible pumps capable of handling even the heaviest rainstorms.​