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Juice Plant Campus Illustrates Xylem’s Comprehensive Offering

Water Reuse

Xylem offers solutions across the complete water cycle combining leading filtration, biological and disinfection technologies to enhance water sustainability practices.

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Water Supply

With world-class water equipment, specialized services and a relentless customer focus, Xylem delivers unrivaled industry value.

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Xylem provides filtration, biological, disinfection and oxidation technologies, as well as bundled wastewater and water treatment solutions for a wide variety of wastewater applications.

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Hygienic Processing

Xylem offers hygienic pumps for food and beverage processing and transport, including CIP (Clean In Place), SIP (Service In Place) lobe pumps and flexible impeller pumps.

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Xylem offers standard and custom-built irrigaton pumps and analytical instrumentation for the industry's most strengent requirements.

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Quality and Monitoring Lab

Xylem's analytical instrumentation provide Food and Beverage customers with proof that their product meets regulatory and their own quality standards.

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Fire Supression

Xylem designs and builds stationary fire pump systems and turnkey systems for plants and commercial buildings for fire protection.

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Bottling process

Xylem's ozone solutions provide hygienic filling for non carbonated water.

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Food Preparation

Flojet is the world's leading manufacturer of beverage dispensing pumps ranging from Air Operated Diaphragm pumps for carbonated beverage dispense to Hot Beverage and Smoothie Dispensing.

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Building Systems

Xylem offers process heating and cooling, process condensers, water and glycol chillers, heat recovery, refrigerant evaporators and condensers, compressors, and much much more.

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Xylem provides temperature and humidity measurement and monitoring instruments, digital refractometers and polarimeters for food storage and shipment.

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Pasteurization Monitoring

Xylem's data loggers and software provide the information necessary to ensure effective pasteurization.

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Xylem’s global water leadership spans the total water life cycle for food and beverage operations across a wide range of applications, including everything from water supply and water reuse, to boosting and fire suppression. Our holistic approach to the food and beverage market enables our customers to better control their business by increasing productivity and maximizing energy and cost savings, all while using water in a responsible and efficient manner. 
Xylem serves customers worldwide through an expansive global footprint. Our products focus on reliability, quality and efficiency in operations. These solutions save time and water resources through advanced technologies generated by relentless R&D efforts, and help our customers meet stringent quality and safety regulations.
From farm to fork, Xylem’s broad product portfolio and deep applications expertise ensures smart solutions, efficient operations and supports business sustainability – all critical elements to achieving success.
Learn more about Xylem’s capabilities across the food and beverage industry by browsing the applications below or clicking on the red hot-spots on the campus map above.