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Protecting Natural Resources is the Nature of Our Business

​The environment is always at the forefront of how we apply our solutions to water.

Xylem is a leading manufacturer of premium laboratory, field, portable, online analytical instrumentation and data collection platforms that deliver reliable and long-lasting solutions for you.
​We work hard for a safer environment by measuring critical parameters that are indicators of a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

From meeting tighter governmental restrictions to gaining real-time data on an accidental release of pollutants to keeping freshwater sources safe even after a storm or flooding, Xylem has a solution.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Source water 
  • Storm water 
  • Surface water 
  • Wastewater 
  • Groundwater 
  • Drinking water
  • Agriculture
  • Hydraulic fracturing 
  • Ocean and coastal monitoring 
  • Aquaculture and fishing
  • Desalination

Environmental Case Studies

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago is one of the premier medical facilities in the country. It comes as no surprise that only the best partners would be invited to construct the hospital’s new location, the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Protecting Lake Como, While Cutting Energy Costs

By installing new Xylem pump and mixer models, the wastewater company that serves Italy’s national and natural treasure is keeping the lake clean and costs down.​

Steering Wastewater Away from a River

​In California's high desert country, flash floods damaged a pipeline and sent wastewater into key water source. Xylem pumps are part of the new bypass project that will protect the river.​

Watching Our Waterways During and After Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on waterways in large parts of the U.S.  Xylem instruments helped environmental and public safety agencies assess the immediate damage – and are still being used to measure the health of impacted rivers, bays, streams and other water sources.

World's Largest Pulp Mill Expands Production with Xylem Ozone Systems

​​Xylem’s reliable WEDECO ozone systems keep two pulp bleach lines operating with more than 99 percent availability.​