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From Schools to Skyscrapers, Xylem is Building a Better Tomorrow

As the world’s population grows and more buildings are constructed, so does the demand for clean water.
Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of energy consumption — more than 20% of all energy used. In both water and HVAC systems, Xylem has applied innovative thinking to make these systems more efficient and to make buildings more comfortable, productive and healthy.

​We are constantly developing new solutions for schools, offices, hotels, malls, hospitals and other public buildings — ensuring that every day throughout the world, potable water is delivered to your buildings, HVAC systems work efficiently, and wastewater is extracted.

  • Xylem products, systems and services for commercial water use:
    • A wide range of centrifugal pumps, valves, suction diffusers, heat exchangers and control systems for HVAC system operation
    • Energy-efficient A-class circulator pumps for the commercial HVAC market
    • Packaged systems for water pressure-boosting and skid-mounted, packaged water booster pumps, sets and stations (variable speed) for pressure boosting in applications with insufficient pressure and maintaining water supply system pressure
    • A complete line of variable-speed drive controllers, cast iron and stainless steel centrifugal multi-stage and jet pumps for pressure-boosting applications
    • Fire pumps and packaged fire pump systems
    • Submersible drainage, dewatering and effluent pumps for all large infrastructure, construction and tunneling projects
    • Self-priming, centrifugal, sump, effluent and sewage pumps in a variety of sizes and materials
    • Packaged water lift and booster pump stations and controls for turf irrigation
    • Standard RO and UV systems for point of entry or point of use requirements
    • Pumps for commercial pools, water parks and water attractions such as fountains
  • Xylem products, systems and services for commercial wastewater:
    • A complete line of stainless steel sump, effluent and sewage products for wastewater removal and drainage
    • Micro pump stations and turnkey pump stations combined with grinder pump systems for pressure sewage-handling requirements
    • Packaged membrane water treatment plants for small communities using private sources

Commercial Case Studies

Keeping Beijing from Going Underwater

After a massive flood overwhelmed Beijing’s storm water system, the capital city has begun installing Xylem’s submersible pumps capable of handling even the heaviest rainstorms.​

Providing Pumps and Real-Time Data During Hurricane Sandy

Sandy, a hurricane of historic proportions, delivered massive flooding and power outages. With no delay, Xylem delivered dewatering pumps to move water out of huge structures and small homes – even before power was restored. Our instruments also provided invaluable information to national and state agencies during the storm.

Saving Energy and Protecting Eco-Systems with Flygt Experior

​​A huge and busy airport.  A serene and beautiful island.  At both sites, wastewater treatment customers are turning to our Flygt Experior pumping solution to meet their unique needs. ​​

Water Reuse Solutions … in a Box

As customers search for the best ways to treat wastewater for reuse or safe return to the environment, they can use Xylem’s new portable pilot containers to evaluate different options and optimize their treatment solution

World's Largest Pulp Mill Expands Production with Xylem Ozone Systems

​​Xylem’s reliable WEDECO ozone systems keep two pulp bleach lines operating with more than 99 percent availability.​